What's the BIG idea?

The big idea is actually a collection of lots of little ideas brought to you from the collective creative minds at Liquid11.

Whether it's free call management with SwitchboardFREE, free conference calling with Con-flab, patented DVD locking with DVDPay, the best quality mobile data or advanced mobile data cleaning; all of our ideas have one major thing in common… they deliver actual value to our customers on a massive scale.

We are idea people

The heart of liquid11 beats as a technology company, but the truth is we are a collective of technically strong individuals bubbling over with unique ideas. We filter those ideas through our patent pending crazy filter, removing some ideas to make more room for those that are truly imaginative and that we know will deliver real value to our customers. We develop and refine these to become the next big idea for you.

Whether you are a small business looking to make it big, a large business looking for innovation, value and reliability, or someone just interested in a good idea, we are sure to have a big idea for you!



The front man

Patrick, the face of liquid11.

Patrick is our mascot. He had the rare misfortune of being born without a nose, mouth or ears. He also has yellow skin and eyebrows that float three inches above his head. But we saw beyond these afflictions to the beauty within. So the next time you see Patrick, you will not be far away from a technically innovative treat.

About Liquid11

At the heart of Liquid 11 is our dedicated team of creative ideas people.

From all walks of life and with experience from many different industry sectors, our staff have one key thing in common, they are all dedicated to becoming the best at what they do. This is an aspiration shared by our company as a whole. Our proof that we are making headway is in the complementary feedback we get from our customers.

We are independently owned which means that we can invest a high percentage of our turnover back into yet more of our many ideas. Being on a firm financial footing Liquid11 can assure our customers that we will be here to support them today and long into the future; and we promise that there will be more great things to come.

We're not ashamed to say that we have at times been accused of being geeks. But we are proud to have built a strong core technical infrastructure which is housed in the Cambridge Science Park. From this location we sit on the back-bone of the internet with dual redundant power feeds, dual networking, duplex hardware and 24/7 monitoring so that nothing is left to chance. You and your business can rely on Liquid11 to deliver each and every time.

About Us

.NET Software Developer

Location: Norwich
Date posted: 2016-15-03

Liquid11’s expanding technical team is looking for skilled and motivated developers to join them working on existing and new products in the arena of data, telecoms and security.

Successful applicants will need to offer a wide range of skills from web development to middle tier and backend work using predominantly Microsoft technologies. You will be involved in all aspects of the development process from initial concept design to final implementation and testing.

Technical skills required for this role include:

  • C# .NET
  • ASP .NET MVC 5 & 6
  • Entity Framework
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • CSS3 / CSS4
  • JQuery
  • GIT

Other advantages skills include:

  • Java
  • Swift
  • WCF
  • C
  • Perl

For more information & to apply:

Contact or call on 01603 381 999. Our offices are open Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm

Systems and Network Administrator

Location: Norwich
Date posted: 2016-15-03

Liquid11 is looking for a dedicated and skilled Systems and Network Administrator to work as part of a growing team in the arena of data, telecoms and security.

Successful applicants will be responsible for maintaining as well as improving and expanding existing infrastructure which is predominantly Microsoft based across three UK sites.

Experience will be essential in:

  • Windows server 2008, 2012, 2012 R2
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • WSUS
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • IP networking including VPN technologies
  • Server and desktop Hardware

Other advantages areas of skill include:

  • Administration of Linux based server operating systems
  • Administration of MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012

For more information & to apply:

Contact or call on 01603 381 999. Our offices are open Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm

Call Answering Agent

Location: Lowestoft
Date posted: 2016-18-03

The role will involve Agents answering calls on behalf of our customers and making sure essential information is taken and passed to the customer using our bespoke software system.

Training will be provided but candidates will need to be confident with technology and be able to pick things up very quickly as training will be in a live environment.


  • Approachable and articulate
  • A clear, confident and (preferably) neutral telephone voice, but a mild regional accent is fine.
  • Previous customer service experience
  • Good IT skills
  • Calm under pressure
  • Flexible and adaptable

This will be a temp to permanent basis for the right candidate. Working hours and salary will be confirmed in due course.

In the first instance, I will conduct an initial screening interview on the telephone – being a fully telephone based role it is essential that the candidates come across well at this point to be able to progress further.

If all goes well on the phone, candidates may be invited for interview and at this stage I’ll be looking for clear evidence against the essential characteristics above.

For more information & to apply:

Contact or call on 0844 884 3000. Our offices are open Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm


Never miss a call

SwitchboardFREE aims to be the ultimate business tool while still being completely free of charge.

The founding aim of SwitchboardFREE was to ensure your business never misses a call again. But now it is so much more. Offering call management, call tracking, SEO tracking and enough statistics to sink a mathematical battle ship, SwitchboardFREE is the must have weapon in your business arsenal.

Available online, iPad and iPhone all the time.

The ultimate business tool

Without trying to be too boastful… SwitchboardFREE is the UK's largest and fastest growing free call manager. With over 35,000 registered users, some of who are the UK's most respected brands, companies such as Carphone Warehouse, McDonalds and Porsche UK utilise SwitchboardFREE's functionality; it's easy to see why.

SwitchboardFREE ensures that your business will never miss those important calls ever again. Free on hold music will sing your customers into a calm state which is preferable to your customers than the dreaded engaged tone. Did you know that if your customers hear the engaged tone, less than half of them will bother to call back a second time?

Call tracking allows you to use a separate 084 number on each individual advert allowing you to see which adverts are working for you. This saves you money and allows you to better invest in effective advertising.

Call statistics allows you to streamline your business and become more efficient and profitable by calling back missed calls and forwarding voicemails via email to the best person to handle them.

There's even an iPhone, iPad and Android app that are completely free of charge so you can use and update your SwitchboardFREE numbers on the move.

To see what all the fuss is about and to get your free number now, visit SwitchboardFREE. You will be pleased that you did.



Free Conference Calling

Con-Flab is a free business class conference calling service that lets mobile users utilise their inclusive minutes on their monthly contract. Wow! What value!

Whether you want to set up a business conference call, set up a group chat or get all of your friends on the phone at once, Con-Flab makes it easy and even records your conversations for prosperity. Got an Con-Flab iPhone or Android app? If not log on to the website and start communicating better.

There's a conference for every occasion

Setting up your conference couldn't be simpler.

Step 1 – Visit the website & enter your name and email address.

Step 2 – Invite your friends, family or colleagues to the conference with the details provided.

Step 3 – Call into the conference at the specified time and get chatting.

It really is that simple.

There's no reason a conference call has to be complicated or expensive and with our free iPhone and Android apps you can even set one up on the move.

Click on the link below and set up your free conference today.



Clean, live and switched on

Our aim is to get our clients the best and most cost-effective data and marketing solutions to help grow their business.

Whether you are looking to acquire data, get your existing data cleaned and validated or to get your data TPS checked then we can help. We also offer real-time solutions for mobile validation as well as SMS Broadcasts. So whatever your data needs, then get in touch.

Why use mobile data?

The best data you can get

There has never been a better or cheaper time to call your prospects on their mobile phone.

By calling mobile phones you can increase your contact rate by up to 70%. It can also allow you to reach previously un-contactable households, as not many mobile numbers are on the TPS list when compared to landline numbers. You can enjoy increased receptiveness by calling people during the day on their mobile phones rather than bothering them at home in the evenings.

You can be confident that Liquid11 are a UK based company implementing the full range of data protection principles. We maintain permanent TPS screening and employ several bespoke screening techniques to ensure that you are only contacting people that have not opted out of receiving live calls. We take our responsibilities as a data aggregator very seriously and work hard to ensure the highest levels of data integrity.

Give your sales the edge and trial mobile calling now to reap the benefits. We have various data sets available from marketing lists to fresh profiled leads.

See the results for yourself with a free trial data set, contact us on 0844 884 3018 or e-mail your enquiry through to


SMS Traffic Herding:

SMS to Web

Thanks to smartphone domination of the mobile phone market direct marketing via SMS delivers unbeatable results.

If you are looking to drive more customers to your website, get accurate reports on your marketing success and learn more about your customer's habits, likes, hardware and preferences at the same time then SMS Traffic Herding is the perfect service for your business.

Click here to demo this product now.

Herd customers to your website from SMS

There has never been a better opportunity for targeting your advertising spend on people who will actually use your product.

How can SMS Traffic Herding deliver you results?

Step 1 - Send the messages
Using our simple web interface, create your SMS text and personalise each message with the recipient's name. Using SMS Traffic Herding you can insert a unique micro link directly into each message, which allows you to track an individual's journey to your web site.

Step 2 - Analyse your send
Collect and interrogate meaningful statistics from your SMS sends, compare data sets, split test message wording and collect data on:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of messages delivered
  • Number of links clicked by campaign
  • Handset types of recipients (that clicked the link)
  • Individuals that arrived successfully to your website

Step 3 - Filter: Resend Improve Returns
Work smarter with your new information, filter and refine data sets, know which messages work best and identify the best time to send your messages!

Resend to targeted data with effective messages and enjoy returns that can be over 600% greater than a general SMS send.

SMS Traffic Herding 01

SMS Traffic Herding 02


World leading DVD locking

DVDpay provides DVD publishers with a way to lock some or all of their content utilising our patented, public-private key locking system. Our unique system regularly returns revenues that are over 30% stronger than using traditional single pin DVD locking methods.

Give your DVD's away for free but make your customers pay for some or all of the content. DVDPay allows you to lock away sections of a disc so that a pin number will need to be purchased for that disc to work. Each pin number is unique so there has never been a better way to ensure your customers pay for what they watch.

DVD billing and locking at its best

DVDPay is Europe's premier content restriction and billing system for DVD films. That's right, we're number 1!

It offers content owners and distributers a new window of exhibition to sell premium film content direct to consumers.

Video content on DVDPay is restricted to viewers who have bought a PIN and they are not able to access a locked section of the disc until that pin number has been entered.

DVDPay is available in several continents and is currently billing in the UK, Australia and the US.

Click below to visit the DVDPay site today to find out more information.


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Yes you've guessed it. If you call us then your call will be delivered by SwitchboardFREE.

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To keep our clients happy we need to make sure our leads are contactable. Integrating the real-time mobile verification service into our website was simple and has increased our contact rates dramatically. Our account manager is always friendly and helpful and any problems we have are sorted out quickly by a very knowledgeable support team.

Adam, Supacompare

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