SMS Traffic Herder: Bulk SMS send

Drive thousands of potential customers to your website with bulk SMS send. Thanks to smartphone domination of the mobile phone market direct marketing via SMS delivers unbeatable results.

If you are looking to drive more customers to your website, get accurate reports on your marketing success and learn more about your customer's habits, likes, hardware and preferences at the same time then SMS Traffic Herding is the perfect service for your business.

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Herd customers to your website from SMS

There has never been a better opportunity for targeting your advertising spend on people who will actually use your product.

How can SMS Traffic Herding deliver you results?

Step 1 - Send the messages
Using our simple web interface, create your SMS text and personalise each message with the recipient's name. Using SMS Traffic Herding you can insert a unique micro link directly into each message, which allows you to track an individual's journey to your web site.

Step 2 - Analyse your send
Collect and interrogate meaningful statistics from your SMS sends, compare data sets, split test message wording and collect data on:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of messages delivered
  • Number of links clicked by campaign
  • Handset types of recipients (that clicked the link)
  • Individuals that arrived successfully to your website

Step 3 - Filter: Resend Improve Returns
Work smarter with your new information, filter and refine data sets, know which messages work best and identify the best time to send your messages!

Resend to targeted data with effective messages and enjoy returns that can be over 600% greater than a general SMS send.