Pocket Receptionist: Telephone Answering Service

Pocket Receptionist is the UK’s fastest growing telephone answering service.

Ensure that your business calls are always answered by a human and free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

Using Pocket Receptionist is just like having your own team of receptionists in your office, they can answer all your calls, or just calls you are unable to take.

With Pocket Receptionist, you’ll never miss another call again

On average, if you employ a receptionist they tend to deal with customers just 23% of the time they’re at work. However, you pay for 100% of their time whether they answer calls or not.

In general, it is a fact that 34% of all calls made to businesses are missed. You miss calls, you lose money.

With a telephone answering service like Pocket Receptionist, you’ll never have to answer another business call again if you don’t want to:

  • You can set your phone to automatically divert to a dedicated receptionist, trained to answer your calls.
  • You can tap in the app and divert all calls immediately so your phone never even rings.
  • You can control ALL inbound calls whenever you need, wherever you are, and you’ll never have to answer the phone when you don’t want to.

Your customers will never know a thing. They’ll think your in-house receptionist team are taking the calls.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable this service is. Our packages start from just £35 a month.

What would it do for you and your business if you cut costs, improved customer service, and never missed a sales call again?


Pocket Receptionist can make that a reality for you.

That’s just a few reasons why hundreds of businesses, big and small, are moving over to Pocket Receptionist - the UK’s fastest growing telephone answering service.

Starting from only £35 per month, with no long-term contracts. Why not try Pocket Receptionist for your business?

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