Liquid11: What's the BIG idea?

The big idea is actually a collection of lots of little ideas brought to you from the collective creative minds at Liquid11.

Whether it's free call management with SwitchboardFREE, Pocket Receptionist telephone answering service, free conference calling with Con-flab; all of our ideas have one major thing in common... they deliver actual value to our customers on a massive scale.

We are idea people

The heart of liquid11 beats as a technology company, but the truth is we are a collective of technically strong individuals bubbling over with unique ideas. We filter those ideas through our patent pending crazy filter, removing some ideas to make more room for those that are truly imaginative and that we know will deliver real value to our customers. We develop and refine these to become the next big idea for you.

Whether you are a small business looking to make it big, a large business looking for innovation, value and reliability, or someone just interested in a good idea, we are sure to have a big idea for you!

Patrick: The front man

Patrick, the face of liquid11.

Patrick is our mascot. He had the rare misfortune of being born without a nose, mouth or ears. He also has yellow skin and eyebrows that float three inches above his head. But we saw beyond these afflictions to the beauty within. So the next time you see Patrick, you will not be far away from a technically innovative treat.

Bryn: The welsh hill

Bryn is the go to man for DVDPay and Data management.

As the man who is in charge of both DVDPay and the Liquid11 database, Bryn's services are always in demand. While he is certainly the author of more than one unusual idea, Bryn is often the driving force of some of Liquid11's more practical systems and therefore a key factor in shaping our initial ideas into reliable services and products.

Chris: The captain of code

Chris' job is to turn Liquid11 imagination into technical reality.

Chances are that if you are using any of our innovative products then Chris is one of the men to thank for the key functionality. He is famous in the office for his incredibly organised, long list of jobs. However, he is often the one to be blamed for that list getting longer as he is always the first to add the newest feature to every project the moment inspiration strikes.

Chris: The coffee fan

Chris is charged with the task of making what we do look good.

From websites, to print material; Chris is the man responsible for the look and feel of all Liquid11 and its products. With so much enthusiasm and the soul of a perfectionist, he is often in need of being reigned in. Chris manages to put an attractive face on Liquid11's ideas.

Grant: The big cheese

Grant is a co-founder and MD of Liquid11.

Grant is the man with the first of Liquid11's big ideas and has been coming up with them ever since. He is charged with taming the Liquid11 team's ideas but in truth he is often at the centre of the madness to begin with. Being a salesman at heart, Grant has always been key in getting Liquid11's ideas to you.

Kelly: The LinkedIn queen

Kelly is the woman who sends our ideas out into the world at large.

Kelly is our sales manager specialising in our data services and one of only three people in the office who can actually spell. No doubt that most of you will have heard of her as she is something of a LinkedIn celebrity, but if you have manage to escape her attention on LinkedIn then befriend her today as she is the person you want to speak with to turn your big ideas into reality. Join Kelly on LinkedIn here.

Rebecca: The voice of reason

Rebecca is definitely the sensible one of us all.

Rebecca is the closest we come to real sanity at Liquid11 and that's why we trust her with our finances and of course our beloved company Twizy. Rebecca is vital in ensuring the smooth day to day running of the office, reliably looking after all of our office needs. If you want to make sure something gets done then ask Rebecca.

Seb: The white chocolate lover

Seb is responsible for styling some of our latest and greatest products.

Seb is part of the design team responsible for making all aspects of Liquid 11 look good. As a result he has been working on all areas of our business, helping us keep our products looking fresh and professional. Seb has worked on everything from designing stylish print ads for newspapers, videos and websites.

Steve: The app master

Steve is the man who develops our mobile apps.

Sometimes known as Speedy Steve, he plays an integral part in the technical creation of our core products but his primary focus recently has been developing our iPhone and iPad apps. Steve creates the things that let you access our innovative products whilst on the move. As a testament to Steve's success in this area, the first app he developed spent three months in the App Store Top 100 business apps chart.

Ben: The Apprentice

Ben can often be found going from desk to desk within our offices coming to the rescue whenever any member of staff has an issue with their computer. Ben also plays a key role in building and maintain our social following across all products. Unfortunately, however, he is yet to make a cup of tea.

Mike: The Knight

As an experienced senior developer Mike spends the majority of his time working on the backend systems for some of our largest products such as SwitchboardFREE, Data Soap and Pocket Receptionist. With a taste for infrastructure he can also be found on occasion maintaining and expanding the platforms that these products run on.

About Liquid11

At the heart of Liquid 11 is our dedicated team of creative ideas people.

From all walks of life and with experience from many different industry sectors, our staff have one key thing in common, they are all dedicated to becoming the best at what they do. This is an aspiration shared by our company as a whole. Our proof that we are making headway is in the complementary feedback we get from our customers.

We are independently owned which means that we can invest a high percentage of our turnover back into yet more of our many ideas. Being on a firm financial footing Liquid11 can assure our customers that we will be here to support them today and long into the future; and we promise that there will be more great things to come.

We're not ashamed to say that we have at times been accused of being geeks. But we are proud to have built a strong core technical infrastructure which is housed in the Cambridge Science Park. From this location we sit on the back-bone of the internet with dual redundant power feeds, dual networking, duplex hardware and 24/7 monitoring so that nothing is left to chance. You and your business can rely on Liquid11 to deliver each and every time.

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