Liquid11: What's the BIG idea?

The big idea is actually a collection of lots of ideas brought to you from the collective creative minds at Liquid11.

Whether it's Business VoIP Phone Systems, Data Cleaning Services, Free Conference Calling, or a Fraud Protection VoIP System; all of our ideas have one major thing in common... they deliver actual value to our customers on a massive scale.

About Liquid11

At the heart of Liquid11 is our dedicated team of creative ideas people.

From all walks of life and with experience from many different industry sectors, our staff have one key thing in common, they are all dedicated to becoming the best at what they do. This is an aspiration shared by our company as a whole. Our proof that we are making headway is in the complementary feedback we get from our customers.

We are independently owned which means that we can invest a high percentage of our turnover back into yet more of our many ideas. Being on a firm financial footing Liquid11 can assure our customers that we will be here to support them today and long into the future; and we promise that there will be more great things to come.

We're not ashamed to say that we have at times been accused of being geeks. But we are proud to have built a strong core technical infrastructure which is housed in the Cambridge Science Park. From this location we sit on the back-bone of the internet with dual redundant power feeds, dual networking, duplex hardware and 24/7 monitoring so that nothing is left to chance. You and your business can rely on Liquid11 to deliver each and every time.


Business VoIP Phone Systems & Virtual Landline Numbers

SwitchboardFREE is at the forefront of revolutionizing business communications, specializing in Business VoIP Phone Systems. Known for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, SwitchboardFREE offers businesses unparalleled call quality and flexibility. With a suite of advanced features, SwitchboardFREE is dedicated to enhancing the communication experience of businesses, transforming the way they connect and interact in the digital world.

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Keeping Everyone Confidently Connected with Digital Voice Technology

Let Phonely protect you and your loved ones against fraud and scams with a simple-to-switch, digital voice, secure Home VoIP system. Phonely is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to telephone scam protection. Powered by a team of certified Dementia Friends, their VoIP phone system is focused on building features to protect older people, and vulnerable people, against telephone scams and fraud.

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Data Soap

Fast, Accurate Data Cleansing & Validation

Quickly clean your customer data either directly from your website, or with our drag-and-drop portal. Swiftly validate phone numbers with our HLR Lookup tool plus email & postal addresses directly from your leadgen pages or customer list. Instantly screen numbers against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS & CTPS) register before you call them. Easily manage opt-out lists (Do Not Call) from our automated portal. Save money once you’re squeaky clean by using our new SMS system. Create campaigns & send or schedule your texts with ease, straight from your Data Soap account.

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Free conference call service made easy.

Con-Flab is a secure business class audio conference call service that’s free to use. Access from a landline, mobile phone or internationally at no cost. Con-Flab is the UK's fastest growing conference call service.

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